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[[Ace shuffles a pack of cards agitatedly. He dares not lay them down for fear of what they might tell him. But one slips free, a Queen of Diamonds, and he pauses a moment before picking it up and slipping it hurriedly back into the pack. He pretends he hasn't seen it.]]

They said I got it off him, me visions an' all. He saw things too, things that weren't there but he never saw the Angels like I do. I ask them for guidance, I ask the Angels and Archangels and call upon the Holy Seraphim, glorious Holy fire washes over me when I get visions. It scares me though, no one believes me. They say I'm mad that I'm just like my dad and I'm seeing things that aren't real. They give me horrible pills to make them go away but they're Devil's magic they hurt the Angels an' all I hear is them screaming in pain.

Someone said my dad used to be a medium. He did seances for people, talked to spirits and Gods and Angels, saw things from the future. I found his cards too, he had these magic cards that could tell the future, and they burnt me when I touched them, they weren't for me. [[He pauses, and looks at his deck of cards again.]] Bloody boring cards these are, but they whisper to me too, things about the future. Those are my cards. I don't remember much about me dad, though, not when he was doing readings but apparently they took him away during the war, the big one with the Eagle and all the red, I wasn't born then though the war was over by then, but me sisters were, they saw the end of it when the bombs fell on the city. The house of God was destroyed and all the Angels wept. My dad dreamed about it, I know he did, he saw things that were true. That's why they took him away so he couldn't tell people what he'd seen.

[[Ace shivers at the memory. It's been many years since he last saw his father. He'd disappeared. Ace never liked to think about what that meant.]]

I dunno what I did to be given this gift cos I see things that are true too, I see what's going to happen and there ain't nothing I can do to stop it. Not everything though, like sometimes nightmares are just nightmares and not a vision of the future, of the city I love, burning to the ground, like hell on earth come to life, but the Angels come to me, they talk to me and sing of the future, that's how I know it's real. But I have to be careful or they'll come and take me away too, they'll lock me up for the rest of my life because I can see what's coming and I know their secrets, and me dad went mad, he did, an' all because he could see what they didn't want him to see an' that's what he gave me, I got that gift too, and now I gotta hide it so they don't send me away too cos I don't know if I'd survive if they came and took me away.

Muse: Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 548
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.
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