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ETA 28/20/13: Added more concrete/organised notes, and a link to the fic this Ace comes from.

ETA: 1/7/13: Blanket warning for the entire journal:
Warnings for suicidal thoughts, psychosis, depression, and body dysphoria.

Individual entries will have any warnings listed, but those above are a general warning for the whole journal. If you're likely to be triggered by those, you might want to skip.


The fic in question that this Ace comes from is ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. It's a queer Jewish Archangel Otherkin AU in which Ace Kefford is FtX, an Archangel otherkin, and schizophrenic. Xe's doing xyr best to survive, but it's not exactly easy.

Setting: The time period is circa mid-70s?, set in and around Birmingham and Warwick in the UK Midlands. It's set after The Move has disintegrated, and everyone has kind of moved on, but it's more of a mundane AU after that point. They play music, but it's not what they do for a living. WELL. Except perhaps Trevor. He's still playing in bands, but I think he's the only one.

Backstory: Ace grew up in a poor family, constantly aware xe was different, but not knowing how. Had strange dreams, kept coming up with Jewish imagery, though xe didn't understand it. At 13, xe sought out a Christian priest, who dismissed xyr experiences. Not entirely discouraged, xe went to the nearest synagogue to seek out a rabbi, and he actually listened to xyr experiences and offered to teach xyr about Judaism.

At 16, xe converted to Judaism officially. Part of that involved bathing in the mikvah to be reborn as a Jew, and it was then that the Archangel's soul awoke inside xyr, and xyr psychosis and awakening began.

Stumbled through the next few years on a combination of adrenalin, the Archangel's power, and whatever else xe could get xyr hands on that allowed xyr to function. Courting fame with The Move only made it worse, though, and by the time xe'd left the band, and aborted a few other attempts to keep music going, xe gave up, and the madness took over.

Read the rest of the fic to discover the rest. :P /lazy.

Angelic Contacts: Lucifer and Rafa'el are xyr main contacts. Lucifer is a Fallen Angel, but they've accepted their choice and does what they can. They have some sympathy for Ace/Azriel and tries to help xyr cope, as well as taking on Azriel's Archangel duties in severing the soul and taking them to the Heavens. (Lucifer uses singular 'they' pronouns.)

Rafa'el has been tasked with watching over Azriel, and both he and Lucifer tend to appear when Azriel calls to them. Rafa'el is the main contact with Ha-Shem.

Pronouns and Gender Identity:
Preferred Pronouns: Xe / Xyr / Xyrs / Xem / Xemself

Gender Identity: Queer As Fuck. Was born FAAB; as an Angel, xe has no gender, and has managed to convince xyr therapist to let xem transition to male. So far, xe has been on testosterone, and has had chest surgery. Xe is still trying to convince xyr doctor to allow a hysterectomy et al and allow a legal transition. .

Kinky: Is a Dom skilled in altered states of consciousness. Xyr specialities are sensation play and sensory deprivation, as well as suspension, rope bondage, whipping, and other similar kinks. Xe is a popular dom for this, and it was a way of staying around the bondage clubs that xe needed to keep xyr sane. Being a Dom(me) allows xyr to exert some manner of control over xyr life that xe lacks in every other part of xyr life. Xe only ever plays non-sexually.

Sexuality: In theory, more likely panromantic, but in practice, androromantic asexual. Xe does not engage in any sexual activity; this stems both from trauma (sexual assault and rape), and a very low to non-existent libido. Xe is mostly attracted to men because xe spends all xyr time in gay leather clubs. Xe has also had bad experiences with lesbian groups, who don't think xe's female enough for them, even though xe's not really male enough for the gay men, either. But the leather clubs are welcoming, anyway, because of xyr skills, so that's where xe stays.

Mental Illness: It's a combination of PTSD, schizophrenia, and bipolar/depression. Xe does have hallucinations and delusions, but they come and go, and some days are worse than others. Medication keeps xyr relatively stable; enough to kind of function, if Trevor is there to help. Xyr medication has also given xyr muscle tremors, and those are worse as psychosis approaches. Xe does not like being touched, and likes xyr genitals touched even less. Xe is not very trusting, and very introverted and shy. Vaguely paranoid. Occasionally suicidal. Spends a lot of time trying to help dying souls move on to the Heavens, because xe can't not do xyr Archangel duty. Xe has power enough to do that over a small area, but anything more is Lucifer's responsibility.


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