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[Xe draws a finger over the handle of a whip. It's made of leather, and the handle has complicated weaving and embossing on it, setting it apart from most of the other whips near it.]

Angels really love kink, y'know. I've run into so many of them in bondage clubs around town, even if they don't announce themselves. I know, though. I can feel 'em. I can see 'em easy now, plain as day. They got this look in their eyes, like when they're being submissive, and they got a Dom working 'em hard. They look like they're looking into the eyes of Ha-Shem, Adonai, the one we ultimately serve.

I play a lot in the clubs, taking any sub who'll come my way. Trevor's me favourite though. I known him a long time, and when he first asked to sub for me, even though he knew who I was, I almost sent him away. I didn't want him knowing about that side of me. But the bastard persisted until I said yes.

[Xe smiles, thinking of him, and xyr hand closes around the whip handle. Xe picks it up, and xyr fingers curl around the tail. Xe slapped it against xyr palm, testing its flexibility.] This is me favourite whip. Got all little spells and blessings in it. The Angels like it. They tell me it's like being touched by Ha-Shem. I wonder if that's true.

They're not all submissive though. The Angels, I mean. Lucifer is submissive because they like being ordered about, but I can't do that. Too much of my life is out of my control. Domming is one of the few times where I'm in charge and I can do what I like. I make the decisions. I think I've only met one other Angel like that, a servant of Mikha'el, who chose to Fall. Iriziel, sie called syrself, though now sie calls syrself Irida. Sie shines, when sie's Domming someone and they're lying there, all warm and happy, and sie shines with Ha-Shem's glory.

I'm not trying to be Ha-Shem when I Dom though. Most of my subs are human. They're awed enough by Archangel. I take 'em all down into trance and bring 'em back up again, and they look at me afterwards like I've just ripped out their souls and given 'em a new one. But humans like all that death and rebirth shit. Angels don't really understand it.

[Ace thinks a moment.] I don't even know what they get out of it. What does that feel like? I hear some of them talk about reincarnation, but I don't know if they really understand it. But I'm more in touch with death than most humans. I know what it's like, that last moment where everything goes cold and the body stops completely. People are afraid of that moment. They don't want to die. But you get to live again. It's not the end. [Ace cocks xyr head, considering xyr words.] But I know Death. I am Death. It's the last great Mystery humans experience. I think that's what makes them afraid.

Muse: Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 519
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.


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