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Reincarnation's a bitch. How's am I 'sposed to get me 'ead right when I got memories from countless other lives swimming round in me 'ead? I can't even half work out if they're all real, of if'n it's all them imaginary voices my doctor keeps talking about.

[Xe looks out the window helplessly, xyr mind cluttered and confused. Xe's in hospital again, stuck in a small room with a small barred window. Nothing is making sense anymore, and there doesn't seem to be any way out. Xe frowns, irritated and miserable. Xe is about ready to admit defeat, though to what xe doesn't really know.]

Maybe I'm not really an Archangel. I keep worrying about that too. Can't figure out if that's real, either. Feels real enough, but maybe it's all just in me 'ead. The wings are tactile hallucinations, an' I got me some bad delusions that make me believe I'm an Archangel, to make up for all the bad shit I've done. That's what he always says, that stupid man in the white coat. It's all in me 'ead, an' he gives me these awful medicines that don't help at all.

[Xe sighs.] I hate this. I hate everything. I wish I knew who I was, because I got so many people in me 'ead I can't remember which one's me anymore.

Muse: Ace Kefford (Queer Jewish Archangel Otherkin AU)
Fandom: The Move RPF
Word Count: 224
Warnings: vague talk of psychosis, probably a little depression.
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction


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Archangel Azriel // Ace Kefford

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