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Ace stopped on a corner, not recognising where xe was. The streets all looked strange at night, and xe wasn't sure xyr hallucinations weren't messing with xyr head. Urgently, xe reached for Trevor's hand and turned to the man standing beside xem.

"We're not bloody lost, are we? I don't like being lost, Trev. Where are we?" Ace asked, looking around at the unfamiliar houses.

"We're a couple of streets from home, Ace. We moved to a little village, remember? Near Lucifer's house?" Trevor said. "You said we should walk around the streets every night so you'd get used to them."

Ace breathed a little, remembering xe had indeed moved. "Oh, yeah, 'm sorry, Trev. I forgot again. Ev'rything's still too overwhelming. Too much change. But I'll be alright, I think. Which street is this again?"

"We've just come down Midsummer Meadow. That there in front of us is Pepper Street, and if we go right, it'll get us back to our street. I know it looks different at night, though," Trevor said.

Ace scowled. "Why'd we have to move to a bloody village where all the houses bloody look the same? Bloody Lucifer."

"I know it's hard, getting used to a new place, but you've been better lately, haven't you? I know you have. I can see it in your eyes. You're happier out here, and you've got me with you now. Why don't we go for another walk tomorrow morning, and see if we can't find you any good landmarks for you to navigate with, yeah?" Trevor said, squeezing xyr hand gently.

"Yeah, I'd like that. I don't like being in a strange place, but it is nice here. I do like it here, I do, Trev, and I don't want you to think I didn't want to do this, but it is hard, and I ain't very good at navigating new places. I just need time to memorise everything. Can we walk to that little shop tomorrow? Only I can't remember how to get there, and I hate not knowing that," Ace said.

"Sure, we need some milk anyway. Go on, lead us home, Archangel. I'll be right beside you if you get lost," Trev said.

"It's a right turn, didn't you say?" Ace said, unsure, as xe looked down the dark street.

"Yeah, down to the right, and then left at the end and we're in our street," Trev said.

Ace nodded. "Alright. I can do this. Jus' down here, it is."

Ace crossed the street and headed right down the road. Xe paused at the left turn that appeared sooner than Ace had expected, and xe took a moment to think.

"It's not this one, is it? No, it don't smell right. No, you said end of the street, right?" Ace said, tentatively.

"Yeah, it's not this one. End of the street, Ace, then we turn left," Trevor said.

"That's right. I remember. Sorry if I'm being daft about this. We've been living here a month. You'd think I'd know by now," Ace said.

"I think you're allowed to get a little lost trying to navigate a new village at night. I'm still going to test you when we get home, though, just to see how well you've remembered the route," Trevor said. "Don't want you getting lost out there if you want to go out on your own. I know this place is hardly big enough to get properly lost in, but you're not everyone else, and I'd feel a lot better knowing you'd be alright if you went off on yer own knowing you could find yer way back," Trevor said.

"You worry too much, Trev, but - thanks. Come on, I could do with a cuppa tea. It's so cold out here," Ace said, hiding a shiver as the cold night air got to xem.

Muse: Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 643
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.


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