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"I can see 'em, Trev, all these little flickering little lights. Can you see 'em, Trev?" Ace said.

They were out walking again, and in the early morning light, the bare trees that lined the street seemed to flicker in the mist. Ace walked over to one of the trees and reached out to one of the branches.

"I can't see any flickering, Archangel. You sure it's not just yer brain going wrong again?" Trev said. "If you're about to have another attack, I'd better call your-"

Ace brushed him away. "Nah, nah, it ain't that. I got other signs I look for other than flickering hallucinations. Nah, I've been sleeping alright, and we've been keeping the rituals together. Nah, see, I'm alright. It's just it's bothering me, that flickering. I wonder what it is."

"Might just be some weird trick of the light," Trevor said, lost for any other explanation.

"Hmm, maybe," though Ace didn't sound entirely convinced.

"What do they look like then, these flickering lights?" Trev said.

Ace shrugged. "They're flickering lights. What do you think they look like? They're all over this tree. Little white flickering lights."

Trevor came over to look at the tree. He peered at it, and looked around behind them, trying to see what might be making white flickering lights. He could actually see them now, and wondered what on earth was causing him to see them too. He didn't often share Ace's hallucinations, but the ones he did share were generally like this, simple weird patterns of light that seemed to be meaningless.

"I think it's just your weird brain. I can see 'em now, and they look like all the other things of yours I've seen. It's probably just your mind interpreting all them weird shadows in the wrong way," Trevor said after a moment's thought.

"I think they're angel lights. Like, Ha-Shem is reminding me He's still watching over me, and He's sent all His spare angels to come and wait for me here," Ace said.

"Angel lights, hey? I like that. Praise to you, Ha-Shem, for sending these lights to greet us," Trevor said, a smile crossing his face.

"Yeah, thank you, Ha-Shem. I needed that reminder, y'know. Like, sometimes, I need to remember He's still with me. Maybe that's why He sent His angel lights," Ace said as they walked on.

"I've never encountered a god like Ha-Shem before, y'know. Still not sure I believe in Him the way you do, but you make Him sound pretty great," Trevor said.

"He is, Trev. I ain't never felt love like His love, y'know? And you know you don't have to convert, all I need is for you to keep the mitzvot with me. But if you can share His love too, well, I'd love to share that with you," Ace said.

Trevor brought an arm gently around xyr shoulder. "If it means seeing flickering angel lights, I'm all for it."

Muse: Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 492
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.
Warning: Brief mention of hallucinations/psychosis.

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