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Ace gingerly sat down on the sofa, knees aching. It had just gone dawn, and xe'd been out releasing souls again. Xe really hated having to work through the night. It left xem with even less time to rest than xe was used to having. As xe sat there, xe knew xe'd be sleeping through the day again.

Xe'd had some particularly hard deaths to attend, and they always left xem feeling wretched. Two young children, and a teenager, as well as a woman who's only crime seemed to have been being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was too much emotion around, too much grief, and it always affected xem. Xe had too much compassion, which was half the reason xe did this job anyway. It was worse when it wasn't the natural end of a person's life. It never seemed fair, and left too much pain, and xe just never knew how to comfort them once xe'd severed the soul and left it with Lucifer to take to the Heavens.

As xe sat there, xe sent some prayers to G-d, asking for sweet relief and some rest. Xe knew xe didn't really have to do xyr job anyway, but xe just couldn't stop xemself. Until xe no longer felt the dying souls calling to xem, xe would continue to do xyr job, even if it left xyr so tired xe knew xe wouldn't make it out of the sofa and upstairs to bed, now that xe was sitting down.

Xe'd made a cup of tea to ground xem, and drank it slowly as xe watched the sun rise through the curtains. Xe liked seeing it rise. It was always a relief to see the sun again, particularly after a difficult night. Xe found xemself curling up, getting comfortable, propping the cushions up against an arm for when xe inevitably fell asleep down there.

It actually wasn't a bad sofa to sleep on, and xe suspected that perhaps Lucifer had been responsible for that. It was soft and inviting, and Ace was sure it was the sort of sofa that curled around xyr sleeping body as xe lay there in the dark, restoring xyr energy.

Even just thinking about sleep made xyr sleepy. Xe closed xyr eyes for a moment as xe settled down, getting comfortable. Xyr wings wrapped around xyr body, providing warmth and comfort. Xe smiled as xe felt the feathers brush against xyr cheek. Xe was safe. Nothing could harm xem here.

Xe was very close to being asleep by the time Trevor came down for breakfast an hour later. Trevor left xem where xe was, with a quilt over xyr body, and left xem alone.

He leant over and gently kissed xyr forehead. "Goodnight, Archangel. May Ha-Shem give your soul some rest and return it to you in peace."

Ace didn't hear him, but xe did feel that soft sensation of his kiss against xyr skin. Managing a weak smile, xe nevertheless resisted the urge to wake, and allowed xemself to fall asleep properly. Darkness descented as the curtains were drawn, and Ace sighed, xyr wings gently rocking xem into a gentle rest.

Muse: Archangel!Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 531
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.
Content notes: brief talk of Ace dealing with dying souls and those left behind


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