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He asked me to dance, like, as we were heading home. Just back from the pub, like, we hadn't gone to Warwick, but it was enough to walk through the quiet streets. We were just passing this house, and there was this music playing, some old classical piece. And Trev just takes me hand and asks for a dance.

We - I never let him do this. I don't like 'em knowing we're, well, like that. But the full moon was shining down on us, and he smiled at me, and I could hear the music drifting out to greet us. I nodded, and he brought me close. I dunno if it was really dancing, but the music was slow and dreamy, like late summer, and he just held me close, moving us together like. After a moment, I gently wrapped me wings around us.

An' like, no one bothered us. It was like one of those moments that was just fer us. A time outta time, and it was real peaceful. It were just him and me, nothing else existed, just a moment of pure love. It's the closest thing I've ever felt that was just like being in Ha-Shem's presence.

The moment ended when the music faded away. Trev just smiled, took my hand, and I knew it was time to go home.

"Save the last dance for me, Archangel," he whispered to me as we walked.

Muse: FtM!Archangel!Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 238
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.


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