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[[Ace shuffles a pack of cards agitatedly. He dares not lay them down for fear of what they might tell him. But one slips free, a Queen of Diamonds, and he pauses a moment before picking it up and slipping it hurriedly back into the pack. He pretends he hasn't seen it.]]

They said I got it off him, me visions an' all. He saw things too, things that weren't there but he never saw the Angels like I do. Read more... )

Muse: Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 548
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.
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 [Ace walks into another place and looks less surprised than one might expect. The room looks relatively nondescript, and there are all sorts of people and other forms of life all over the place. Ace isn't sure what to make of it. He mutters something about bloody Angels and their idea of keeping him sane as he takes in his new situation.]
"Fuck, man. I knew Gabriel was wrong. I told him that Otherworld portal in my bedroom was real." [He cocks his head a little as he takes in his surroundings.] "Explains the giant robots, I suppose. Never seen those before."
[He looks around some more. The room he's in looks much more real than he was expecting. Ordinary, too. There are, for once, no demons melting out of the walls or shadows slipping through cracks in the ceiling. For a moment, Ace misses them, before he remembers how frightening they normally are.]
"Hmm. Bit saner than most of my visions, though. I suppose I should be grateful for that."
[He reaches out and touches a nearby table, noting how solid and real it feels. He has never experienced anything quite so realistic before. Sane and realistic. Weird. He's not used to it.  He tries to stay calm and not panic. He has never dealt well with strange places. and the ordinariness of this one is becoming a little disconcerting. There is nothing here that is familiar.]
"No way. This can't actually be real. Can it? Alright, so maybe it is real. So where am I then, if this isn't just a figment of my imagination? I'm not sure I'm safe here."
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This version of Ace Kefford was inspired by a [ profile] queer_fest prompt: Any Fandom, any character, Ze is queer, trans, poly, kinky, and...mentally ill. But all anyone seems to notice is the last part. 

I remember seeing it and wanting desperately to write Ace fic for it, but I had no ideas, so I let it drop. But the idea just wouldn't leave me alone, and so this account was born. I also, finally, have an idea for fic, which I might do for [ profile] queer_fest this year. This RP journal will complement that, I think, and allow Ace to talk about all sorts of things.

He's in his 20s in this 'verse, and has been involved in the local BDSM scene since he was 17. He's not attached to a band, but he still plays music. But it's not the music that brings him peace. It's Domspace. Domspace gives him enough control and focus to function. Without it, he's a bit bereft. 

For this AU, he's definitely more focussed on the BDSM scene and his relationships there than anything else, so I'm not expecting much bandfic at all. More his explorations and meditations on Domspace, his madness, and how he copes when his favourite club finds out about his mental illness and decides he's too dangerous to play, even though he's not dangerous. (No, really, I just can't make him violent, no matter how crazy I make him. It's just not in his nature. He's the sort of person who shies away and hides in fear, not lashes out in anger, hatred or rage.)

That story will be written for Biffno in March, but this journal is both an RP account and a way to complement that story with things that probably won't be possible to include in a third person narrative. So that's why this exists. 

On Ace's pronoun choices: He comes from a time where he didn't have all sorts of gender-neutral pronouns to choose from, and more often than not, alternates between male, female, and singular they, depending on how he feels.

To explain each point in that prompt:
Queer: I'm not sure he would call himself fluid, but that's the only word I can use for him. His gender identity isn't as fixed as he sometimes wishes it was. Part of it is the FtM thing. But part of it's also due to the weirdness he has and how he relates to his body. He's not always sure he even has a gender.
Trans: He's FtM, pre-most things, bar occasional testosterone shots, which his therapist grudgingly prescribes for him because even though he's convinced it's just a delusion, Ace is much happier as a boy than when made to live as a girl, so he allows it for that reason. His FtM status is mostly why I default to male pronouns unless he specifies otherwise.
Poly: Again, not sure he'd call himself poly, he doesn't really know the word, but he has always tried to seek out at least a couple of partners at the same time, particularly after a bad relationship which left him in hospital after a bad psychotic episode. He'd always preferred having more than one sub, mostly to keep check on everyone, but that relationship sealed it for him. He'd never take on a single sub again; it causes too many trust issues, and Ace is just not very good at trusting people. 
Kinky: He's a Dom, and he loves Domspace, because it's one of the only ways he can take proper control over his life. He needs that to be able to function in any sort of capacity. It helps centre him, which is why he likes having subs in his life. He gets the best results when he's in a relationship with a sub or two, rather than just playing in clubs, as they're there as a more persistent reminder. 
Mentally Ill: Diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago after a particularly bad psychotic episode when he was 19 that left him hospitalised for a month. The medications he's on have settled him down somewhat, and they are working for the moment, but he still has occasional moments of paranoia and the delusions and hallucinations never really go away permanently; sometimes they disappear completely, but most of the time, it just gets easier to accept they aren't real.


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