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Name:Archangel Azriel // Ace Kefford
Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This AU is from the fic I wrote for [ profile] au_bigbang round three. It's a queer-as-fuck Archangel Otherkin AU in which Ace is FtX, androgynous, schizophrenic, and an Archangel in human form.

Part of this journal will be used for character sketching as well as for [community profile] musing_way. Because xe has pretty much taken over my head now. :D?

The fic in question can be read:
- on DW: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
- on AO3: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Blanket warning for the entire journal:
Warnings for suicidal thoughts, psychosis, depression, and body dysphoria.

Individual entries will have their own warnings, as needed, but the above warnings are a good general indication of the journal's contents. I use cuts liberally to hide potentially triggery content, but please use your discretion in deciding whether to read this journal.


This account pretty much exists because I saw a prompt during the 2011 queer_fest round that was just crying out for me to write Ace Kefford fic about it.

The prompt in question: Any Fandom, any character, Ze is queer, trans, poly, kinky, and...mentally ill. But all anyone seems to notice is the last part

I've sat on it for months, trying to figure out wtf to do. Write fic, or RP? Or both? I set up the account 3 months ago in the vain hope I might think of something to do with it, and so I could get the name for him. :P But in early January 2012, Ace finally showed me what he wanted done with that idea. So now I can finally start writing properly. And run with it xe did, and now it's an otherkin fic and omg I have so much more research to do. D:

This is an RP account belonging to sashataakheru. Please contact xem with any queries in relation to this account.
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