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  I think I might've been a girl once, or was it a boy? I can't remember. I look down at my body and I can't remember if it's meant to be mine. Is it mine? Who am I anyway? This is all just so confusing. Am I the Archangel, or is it different to the human soul I got inside me? Sometimes I feel like I'm two different people, but even that sounds bonkers. I got enough mental problems without adding that to the mix, that's for sure.

[Xe gazes down at xyr body. Lifting up a hand, xe stares at xyr palm, unsure. Nothing about it looks at all familiar.] 

Bodies are such weird things. I don't know how you lot put up with them. How they define you so much. Yer not meant to do that. But maybe it's different for me. I ain't never lived with a body before, and humans are weird about that. They told me, every day they told me I was a girl as I grew up in this body. But that ain't so much fun. And then the Archangel turned up, and then I weren't sure what I was meant to be at all. Never could work out how to dress properly.

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Muse: Ace Kefford
Fandom: The Move RPF AU
Word Count: 723
Warnings: body dysphoria
Disclaimer: Complete work of fiction.


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