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 [Ace walks into another place and looks less surprised than one might expect. The room looks relatively nondescript, and there are all sorts of people and other forms of life all over the place. Ace isn't sure what to make of it. He mutters something about bloody Angels and their idea of keeping him sane as he takes in his new situation.]
"Fuck, man. I knew Gabriel was wrong. I told him that Otherworld portal in my bedroom was real." [He cocks his head a little as he takes in his surroundings.] "Explains the giant robots, I suppose. Never seen those before."
[He looks around some more. The room he's in looks much more real than he was expecting. Ordinary, too. There are, for once, no demons melting out of the walls or shadows slipping through cracks in the ceiling. For a moment, Ace misses them, before he remembers how frightening they normally are.]
"Hmm. Bit saner than most of my visions, though. I suppose I should be grateful for that."
[He reaches out and touches a nearby table, noting how solid and real it feels. He has never experienced anything quite so realistic before. Sane and realistic. Weird. He's not used to it.  He tries to stay calm and not panic. He has never dealt well with strange places. and the ordinariness of this one is becoming a little disconcerting. There is nothing here that is familiar.]
"No way. This can't actually be real. Can it? Alright, so maybe it is real. So where am I then, if this isn't just a figment of my imagination? I'm not sure I'm safe here."


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